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A deep dive into Carpe's high converting abandon cart LPs

Harris Gani
Harris Gani

Carpe’s landing page for their abandon cart email/sms flow is incredible. Their abandon cart landing page showcases NEW supplemental content that isn’t on their product pages to better persuade the abandoner. They feature expert scientific explanations on how/why their products work, video testimonials from customers, and videos of their founders to build an emotional connection with the buyer.

Showcasing new content in an abandon cart flow is really smart when you think about it. A shopper primarily abandons because they haven’t been convinced the product is worth it yet. Instead of showing them the exact same product page they literally just saw (and abandoned), it’s far more effective to show new educational and validating content about the brand + products. Carpe nailed this.

It’s exciting to see brands starting to invest more in landing pages for their email/sms flows instead of strictly just for paid ads. Given most e-comm emails and sms messages currently redirect back to a product page, home page, or collection page…there’s a lot of easy revenue left on the table by not using landing pages in these flows and campaigns. Landing pages do convert higher than PDPs after all.

It’s also a fantastic way to re-leverage all the great video content a brand already has!