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Email & SMS landing pages that are beautiful, performant, and personalized.

Built for e-commerce marketers, specifically for email/sms flows.

Trusted by leading brands

Impact on 8-figure brands

Avg time to make LP
Conversion rate
Average Order Value

Linking to PDPs in abandoned flows leaves revenue on the table

#1 reason shoppers abandon is that the PDP content didn't convince them to purchase.
Linking back to a PDP in email/sms flows isn’t effective since it’s the same thing they’ve already seen.
Re-leverage content to create personalized LPs that convert significantly higher than PDPs.

Increase email/sms campaign CVR and AOV with personalized LPs

Showcase video testimonials, product demos, and educational content to drive higher conversion.
Own your watch data to create segmented audiences (not possible on social platforms).

Customer Case Studies

Features designed for marketers

Easily A/B test

Test many landing page designs with 1 click using our CRO insights engine.

Get started in 5min

Pick one of our expert-designed templates that were built to convert.

Lightning load times

Our landing pages are lightweight and load 90% faster than Shopify sites.

Personalize at scale

Show your customers compelling content based on specific email/sms flows.

Increase content ROI

Re-leverage content to create unique experiences that drive higher CVR.

Native integrations

Deeply integrates with Shopify, Klaviyo, Attentive, and Postscript.

Common Questions

Why should I use video landing pages for email/sms flows and campaigns?
Acquisition marketers use landing pages because they convert higher than product pages (usually 7-20%). Landing pages have the same impact on email/sms flows and campaigns. It's one of the largest areas of low hanging fruit we've seen in e-commerce.
Where are video landing pages best suited?
We’ve designed unique video landing page templates for core sms/email use cases such as promotional campaigns, abandonment, post purchase education, and welcome series. Our landing pages take <30min to create and cost 1/10th an agency's price.
Why don’t brands usually create landing pages for email/sms in the first place?
We’ve interviewed over 50 email/sms marketers and found that 92% of them don’t create landing pages for email/sms because (1) it’s too expensive and (2) it takes too long at 2-4 weeks. On top of this, most brands "set and forget" automations like abandonment and never revisit them. Our video LPs have increased CVR on automated email/sms flows like this by +40%.
Can I use multiple video landing pages?
Yes. You can create as many video landing page links as you’d like so you can create one per product or per email/sms flow. This lets you curate each experience for the shopper and easily A/B test different versions.
What does installation look like?
We don’t touch your brand’s actual website (we live on a subdomain) so it takes zero engineering resources to get live. You just select one of our pre-made templates based on your use case and you're ready to go. We integrate with Shopify, Klaviyo, Attentive, and Postscript.