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We convert paid social ads better than Shopify sites

Our Video Storefronts create a cohesive shopping journey from video-first social platforms to your storefront.

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Shopping experiences native to social media

Shoppers primarily discover brands on social media platforms where video is the main medium. Our Video Storefronts match that same format, which is what shoppers want.
Step 1:
Shopper sees an ad on social platform where they are accustomed to video content.
Step 2:
Stream short-form video on load of the Video Storefront. Blazing fast load times.
Step 3:
A seamless products listing page to feature upsells for higher AOV.
Step 4:
Battle-tested PDPs that we constantly optimize for best CVR on your behalf.
Step 5:
A cart that is fully integrated with Shopify and your payment methods.
Results our brands see
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What are Video Storefronts?
We created Video Storefronts as a better shopping experience designed specifically for paid social ads. Brands using our Video Storefronts have been able to reduce CAC by 20% and increase ROAS by 32%. It’s safe to say they convert better than traditional websites.

Online shopping hasn’t changed in +10 years, but where shoppers are discovering brands has changed dramatically. Now, shoppers are largely discovering brands on social media platforms where video is the main medium of content consumption. Our Video Storefronts are new a shopping experience that is tailored to match that same format, which is what shoppers want.
How should I use Video Storefronts?
Our client brands have found great success using our Video Storefronts as the landing page for the paid social ads on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. It’s easy to do this within the respective ads manager portals.

While paid social ad landing pages is the use case most brands gravitate towards, some brands also use our Video Storefronts on other channels such as Google, SMS, and email.
Can I use multiple Video Storefronts?
We can create as many Video Storefront links as you’d like so you can create a storefront per product, per video, or per ad campaign. This lets you curate each experience for the shopper and ultimately create a more cohesive end-to-end shopping experience.
What does integration look like?
Integrating Viddy’s Video Storefronts is straightforward. Since we don’t touch your brand’s actual website, we require zero engineering resources to get live. All we need you to do is add a DNS record if you’d like us to be hosted on your subdomain (for example: shop.{brand_name}.com)

Aside from this, you just need to send us (1) a single video and (2) which products you want to feature in the Video Storefront and we’ll create the Video Storefront link for you (1 day turnaround time). Once you have this link, you can drop it in your social ads manager platforms to be the landing page for your ad campaigns.