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Aramore Skincare made new LPs with zero dev resources in <1 day that reduced CAC by 26% and increased ROAS by 37%

Harris Gani
Harris Gani
“We like using Viddy’s Video Landing Pages because our Shopify site is too complicated so it takes us weeks to create new LPs. Viddy is simple, fast, and a better experience.” - Brittney Juge, VP of Growth, Aramore Skincare

Brand Background

Aramore Skincare is a brand started by Stephen Kennedy Smith alongside Harvard and MIT chemists, dermatologists, and stem cell scientists that have developed proprietary formulas to target aging. They acquire most of their users through Meta ads.

The Problem

Aramore’s Shopify website was struggling from a few core problems:

  • Low add to cart rates on PDPs → overall low CVR for Meta ads
  • Slow site load speed (Google Lighthouse score of 32/100)
  • Lacked developer resources to build LPs quickly and cost-effectively. Normally building a new LP can take 2-4 weeks (design, engineering, QA, approval) and cost $2-8k. This is why Aramore used PDPs as their main purchasing funnel instead of custom LPs.

The Solution

Aramore used Viddy to create Video Landing Pages (VLPs) at a fraction of the cost of typical custom LPs to use for their Meta ads. With Viddy they didn’t have to touch their existing Shopify website or work with their web developers to make the VLPs. Viddy has premade battle-tested templates to use based on critical e-commerce flows so all Aramore had to do was (1) select the products to feature in the VLP, (2) pick the video to use, (3) choose one of Viddy’s templates, and (4) provide guidance on copy. Once this was decided, Aramore got their first VLP ready within 48 hours.

What did the Video Landing Page (VLP) look like?

The Results of the Video Landing Page on Ads Performance

We did an A/B test within Meta Ads Manager that tested Viddy’s Video Landing Page against Aramore’s Shopify website. Aramore loved that they could handle the test within Meta Ads Manager since (1) it’s something they already know and (2) setting the test up was trivial since it was just copy/pasting the Viddy Video Landing Page link in their ad campaigns.

Metrics Aramore saw from the test:

  • CAC reduced by 26%
  • ROAS increased by 37%

After this winning test, Aramore has been rolling out more Video Landing Pages for their other products using Viddy.