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Backbone increased their paid and organic social traffic conversion rate by 11% by using Viddy's Carousel

Harris Gani
Harris Gani
Viddy increased Backbone's social traffic conversion rate by 11%

Background & Brand Goals

Backbone is a mobile gaming platform that gives you a controller that you can attach to your mobile device to play your favorite games (mobile, console, and PC games). They feature 2 main controllers - one for the iPhone and one for Android. Users can use the Backbone app to launch all their games from a single home, whether from the App Store or an Xbox Game Pass.

Using Viddy and Seeing Results

We worked with Backbone's product team to understand their users' primary pain points and common inquiries to see how we could best use Viddy. Backbone already had a lot of great content on social platforms featuring authentic UGC-style reviews of their controllers, why people love them, different gaming use cases, and live demonstrations of their controllers in use. We reused existing video reviews they had on TikTok and put them in Viddy Carousels on their PDPs. They placed the Carousels right above the reviews section on their PDPs given the nature of the video content.

Viddy's Carousel used to showcase UGC video reviews on Backbone's PDPs
Viddy's Carousel in expanded player view

Backbone saw some very positive results with Viddy, especially for social traffic (both paid and organic), which accounts for the majority of their overall traffic. Viddy increased Backbone's social traffic conversion rate by 11%!