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Fitness company Balanced used explainer videos to increase time on site by 46%

Harris Gani
Harris Gani
Balanced used Viddy's engaging player to boost product education.

Brand Background & Goals

Balanced is a digital fitness platform that keeps you active and healthy at every age. They have the belief that just because you are getting older doesn’t mean you have to be slower and less active.

Balance creates a digital wellness community to meet adults where they are currently in their lives and based on their individual profiles (taking in to account chronic conditions, injuries, pains, and physical ability) they create a plan to help them improve. They are bringing digital fitness solutions to the elderly that currently don’t exist in the market like they do for younger generations.

Using Viddy and Seeing Results

Balanced wanted to use Viddy’s Floating Player to showcase a series videos that would add to their branding. They wanted to visually showcase experts talking about why their programs work well and how they are specifically designed for the elderly. They also wanted to show what their classes look like in real life to give a feel for what people can expect after signing up.

Balanced used Viddy across a variety of pages on their website to showcase the following:

  • Founder video explaining the inception and founding story of the company firsthand
  • Explainer videos to communicate how the Balanced platform works and show what it looks like from existing users
  • Professional doctors explaining how and why their program works on a more scientific level to add credibility and social proof

Balanced’s core goal for using Viddy was to increase education around their product and platform. To measure this they decided to look at average time on site per visitor as they wanted more people to watch their videos. Time on site after all is a great proxy for measuring increased product education.

Below is an example of how Balanced used Viddy’s Floating Player:

The following  shows the same video above, but in Viddy's expanded fullscreen player mode. Balanced used Viddy's custom call-to-actions within the player with a 'Start Free Trial' button to drive more conversions.

The video below shows the video of one of their co-founders explaining why she started Balanced in the first place. This is a great way to build a strong connection with your audience in an authentic way as well as differentiate yourselves from competitors.

Below you will see an example of a professional doctor explaining how Balanced is specifically designed for the elderly and why it's more effective than other digital solutions that are made for younger generations.

Below you will see another example of Viddy's Floating Player in use on a Balanced landing page (LP) to give sneak peaks on what the classes actually look and feel like in real life.