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Viddy's Shoppable Videos increased Carpe's conversion rate by 18%

Harris Gani
Harris Gani
"Buyers these days want immersive video UIs that feel like in-app experiences just like TikTok and Instagram...they want engaging videos with swiping, scrolling, and shoppability"

Brand Background & Goals

Carpe is an antiperspirant brand that has specialized products for your entire body. Their brand has a strong TikTok and Instagram presence - both paid and organic. Carpe wanted a way to bring their UGC videos to their website without impacting site performance and load times.

They initially tried embedding videos with YouTube, but they found this video player experience wasn't engaging their visitors. Buyers these days want immersive video UIs that feel like in-app experiences just like TikTok and Instagram. In other words, they want engaging autoplaying videos with swiping, scrolling, and shoppability...enter Viddy.

Using Viddy and Seeing Results

Carpe started by using Viddy's Floating Player on their PDPs (product detail pages) to showcase video UGC reviews they had from TikTok. The video reviews explain the benefits of their products, how they work, and the before / after visual results from using them. Each video also contains a shoppable 'Add to Cart' CTA within the video, which is just one of Viddy's shoppable video features.

Viddy's Floating Player on a PDP.

After seeing success with Viddy's Floating Player, Carpe quickly rolled out Viddy Stories and Carousel layouts soon after. Carpe used Viddy Stories to do the following:

  1. Build social proof through video UGC reviews
  2. Build loyalty with a video-series featuring Carpe's founders discussing their story
  3. Build credibility with a video of their Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Ashish Bhatia, explaining the science behind their antiperspirant products
Viddy's Stories on Carpe's Site.

Carpe also used Viddy's Carousel on the 2nd fold below their home page to power a 'Viral on TikTok, Loved By Customers' section.

Viddy's Carousel on Carpe's site.

Carpe conducted an A/B test with a control with every Viddy layout they launched and they consistently saw Viddy outperform. Viddy had increased Carpe's average users's session duration by 34%, their conversion rate by 18%, and reduced their bounce rate by 16%.