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How Mad Rabbit decreased CAC by 19% and increased ROAS by 32% with Video Landing Pages

Harris Gani
Harris Gani
“Wow you guys are really on to something. Metrics are killing on the Video Storefront!” - Selom Agbitor, Co-Founder and CMO of Mad Rabbit

Brand Background

Mad Rabbit is an 8-figure DTC brand that specializes in tattoo aftercare products. They have a strong social presence on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Paid social ads have always been their primary growth channel where they’re always looking to optimize CAC and ROAS.

The Problem

Product education is a core selling component of Mad Rabbit’s products. They need to effectively communicate what their products do, how to apply them, when to use them, their benefits, and why they are unique. Their session recordings and heat-maps show that most users aren’t reading all the text and information on their PDPs, which results in higher CAC and lower conversion rates.

The Solution

Mad Rabbit knows the power of video content and how their shoppers are especially receptive to it. After all, they’ve used video to build their 568K followers on TikTok and 327K followers on Instagram.

Mad Rabbit created a Video Storefront (powered by Viddy) that was focused on their newly launched product called the Healing Patch. The hero video in their Video Storefront communicates everything a buyer needs to know to make a purchasing decision in an engaging way.

What does the Video Storefront Look Like?


We blazed through integration within 1 day without needing any engineering resources from Mad Rabbit! The only work Mad Rabbit’s team had to do was (1) choose the video and 2) select the products they wanted to feature in the Video Storefront. The final step was adding a single DNS record so that Mad Rabbit could have the Video Storefront hosted on their own domain.

The Results of the Test

The test was simple. We conducted an A/B test within Meta Ads Manager that tested Viddy’s Video Storefront against Mad Rabbit’s website PDP (product detail page). It was great for Mad Rabbit that they could handle the test within Meta Ads Manager since (1) it’s something they are already familiar with and (2) setting the test up was lightning fast since it was just copy/pasting the Video Storefront link in the ad campaign.

Mad Rabbit saw strong metrics from the test:

  • CAC reduced by 19%
  • ROAS increased by 32%

After this winning test, Mad Rabbit has been rolling out more Video Storefronts geared towards their other products.