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How a brand lifted their conversion rate by 16% and their engagement by 34% with Viddy

Harris Gani
Harris Gani

Carpe is a brand focused on tackling sweat all over the body. They have a strong TikTok and Instagram presence (both paid and organic), which means they have a bunch of great video content! We figured why not increase the reach and impact of their high-performing video content by putting them on their website too?

When thinking about what video content would be the most impactful on Carpe's site there were two areas we had in mind. The first was UGC video reviews, which we thought would be a great way to add authenticity and convey the product benefits in a more engaging format. The second was to explain how the products actually work.

We set up an A/B test using Convert where we decided to test showing Viddy's Shoppable Stories UI on Carpe's home page vs not showing Viddy on the home page (control variant) at a 50/50 traffic split. For the video content, we decided on the following stories (see screenshot below):

  1. 'From TikTok' - viral videos from TikTok
  2. 'Reviews' - UGC video reviews
  3. 'Our Story' - Founding story told by the founders David Spratte and Kasper Kubica
  4. 'Doc's Tips' - a certified dermatologist explaining the science behind the products and how to use them
Viddy Stories on Carpe's site.

For each video, we included Viddy's shoppable CTAs. We tried CTAs that navigated to Carpe's personalized sweat quiz, redirected to their PLP, or added products featured in the video to the user's cart (see screenshot below).

Viddy's expanded player with shoppable CTAs.

We launched the test and saw some pretty strong results right off the bat...a bit too strong that the Carpe team thought we might be hacking (see screenshot below). We kept the test live for multiple weeks and at the peak we saw an 16% boost in conversion rate and 34% increase in average time on site at a +95% confidence level.

Email from the Carpe team after seeing quick wins from our Viddy experiment.