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How we increased Dr. Brandt’s email campaign CTR by 73%, CVR by 60%, and AOV by 54%

Harris Gani
Harris Gani


Dr. Brandt is an award-winning skincare company that brings in-office results to the comfort of your home. Their skincare products have results that are inherently visual by nature and they wanted to showcase this in their email and SMS channels.

Dr. Brandt decided to use Viddy to incorporate live before/after videos, timelapses of their products in use, and video testimonials in their email strategy using Viddy’s video landing pages (LPs). One of the added benefits of using video-first LPs is that Dr. Brandt could tweak their email design and SMS image to indicate clicking would lead to video content. They decided to A/B test this in a campaign by giving 50% an image with video play buttons on them and 50% product images like they normally do without Viddy (email designs from the test are shown below).

Test Setup

  • Variant A: Email design that links to their No More Baggage product page on their Shopify website.
  • Variant B: Email design that includes Viddy modules with play buttons that indicate there will be videos on the link. The links redirect to a Viddy LP that has personalized content about the No More Baggage product.

Test Results (statistically significant with 100% confidence)

  • The Viddy Variant B increased CTR by +73% (a +0.407% absolute increase from their 0.56% baseline CTR). Image on what this looks like in Klaviyo below.
  • The Viddy Variant B increased CVR by 60% after the user clicked the email (this was testing the Viddy video LP vs Shopify PDP).
  • The Viddy Variant B increased AOV by +54%.

Here's what the emails for the test looked like:

Dr. Brandt has since employed the same concept on their SMS flows as shown below:

Why Viddy drove +60% CVR, +73% CTR, and +54% AOV

+73 CTR Increase

This A/B test shows the impact video content has on users and the earlier they are aware of this, the better it is. This is something that wouldn't be possible without Viddy's video LPs. If the user clicked one of the Viddy modules in the emails and didn't land on a page with video then the conversion rate would be negatively affected. This is why it's important to think about email tests end-to-end, from the email itself to where it takes the user once they click.

+60 CVR Increase

Let's also take a look at why the Viddy video LP converted so much higher than (+60%) than Dr. Brandt's Shopify PDP. The Viddy video LP showcases content that is very personalized and geared towards the campaign. It showcases expert opinions on the product from a licensed esthetician, video reviews from experts, live video before/afters, and timelapses of their product after application. This is all very strong social proofing content.

+54% AOV Increase

One of the major benefits of having custom landing pages for your email & sms campaigns is that you can not only personalize the content that shoppers see, but also choose a subset of products they will see. When brands redirect to their Shopify site, they force their users to deal with the paradox of choice from all their items. With Viddy on the other hand, brands like Dr.Brandt choose a shortlist of products (4 in this test) so they can actually push higher AOV items and bundles. Dr. Brandt's Viddy LP does a great job of pushing the higher priced Under Eye Rescue Duo product from within the No More Baggage PDP.

What did the Viddy video LP Dr. Brandt used look like?