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How Viddy increased Mad Rabbit's email campaign revenue by 38%

Harris Gani
Harris Gani


Mad Rabbit is an 8-figure e-commerce brand offering a variety of products aimed at tattoo maintenance and enhancement. These products promote healthier skin and ensure tattoos remain brighter and more vibrant. Because their products are so revolutionary, they've always had to deeply focus on customer education and thus lifecycle marketing over email.

Below, we'll take a look at the specifics of an experiment that tested if Video Landing Pages are good destinations to send email traffic to. Mad Rabbit had run a campaign promoting their hero tattoo balm product where they tested the email link (Viddy vs Shopify PDP) using a 50/50 split test.

Test Setup

  • Variant A: email links to Mad Rabbit’s Shopify PDP (email template design below)
  • Variant B: email links to VIddy’s video landing page (email template design below)

You’ll notice the only difference in the email is that Variant B (one with the Viddy LP) has a play button on the hero image. This play button indicates to the shopper that clicking this will yield video content on the other side, which is exactly what the Viddy video LP does. This is why the Viddy Variant B also received a 12% higher clickthrough rate (CTR).

Test Results (statistically significant with 98.4% confidence)

  • Viddy Variant B increased revenue by +38%.
  • Viddy Variant B had a +12% higher CTR.

Email Template Design:

Email landing pages from the test (Shopify PDP on the left and Viddy LP on the right):

Here's why the Viddy campaign was able to drive both higher revenue and CVR:

  • The Viddy video LP displays new content (videos explaining the benefits of the product, video reviews, and educational content on how to use the products) that the buyer hasn't already seen from Mad Rabbit's PDP. Showing this new content better reinforces to the buyer why the Tattoo Balm is worth it leading to higher purchase rates.
  • The Viddy video LP loads faster than the Mad Rabbit Shopify PDP. Our LPs have been built from the ground up for speed and since we don't load all the clunk and widgets a Shopify store has we're able to load significantly faster.
  • We all know video converts better when done correctly, which is why most brands use video ads today. Our LP formats have shoppable video UIs that are highly engaging which leads to users consuming more content on our LPs compared to the Shopify PDP. More content consumption and education leads to higher purchase rates.
  • The Viddy video LP is also able to drive higher AOVs due to only showing a subset of the products available on the Shopify site. This not only helps remove the paradox of choice, but it also enabled Mad Rabbit to push higher priced bundle items.