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Subtl Beauty increased their conversion rate by 10% and average time on site by 32%.

Harris Gani
Harris Gani
Viddy increased Subtl’s conversion rate by 10% and their average time on site by 32%.

Background & Brand Goals

Subtl Beauty is beauty brand founded by Rachel Reid that sells “stacks” of essential makeup products. The story behind the stack stems from Rachel having a “just-in-case” bag of her beauty products when spending the night at her boyfriend's place.

This bag quickly evolved into an overflowing bag that wasn’t so subtle (pun intended). The stacks are specially designed to be handy so that they can easily be used in all imaginable use cases: on-the-go, in the car, at the gym, at home, outside, etc.

Using Viddy and Seeing Results

We worked directly with Rachel and her head of e-commerce to understand Subtl’s use case for Viddy to come up with a video strategy. Subtl Beauty had been growing fast on Instagram and TikTok and they had plenty of great UGC content and video reviews. The Subtl team was very confident in their content.

We decided to use Viddy’s Carousel to feature video reviews of their custom stack products and how people were using them. We also added captions to the videos to explain the benefits so that users could self-select and click into which videos they were most intrigued by. Some examples of the video names are below:

  • “Fits In My Palm!”
  • “So Pretty”
  • “All You Need!”
  • “My New Life Hack”
  • “Awesome For Travel”
  • “It Changed My Life”

Below you can see what this looks like:

Subtl decided to show application videos of certain key products such as their Powder Blush. They used Viddy’s Carousel on their product detail pages (PDPs) to accomplish this.

After seeing initial promising results from Viddy, Subtl wanted to incorporate better video on their landing pages (LPs) to increase engagement and conversion too. Below is an example of a LP that was dedicated to one of their influencers. They used Viddy’s Stories layout to showcase dedicated videos in a stories format that are all curated by the influencer Amy Earnhardt.

By using Viddy across their site, Subtl saw positive results on their primary KPIs such as conversion rate and average time on site. Viddy increased Subtl’s conversion rate by 10% and their average time on site by 32%.