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We signed up for 500 brands abandon cart email/sms flows. Here's what we found...

Harris Gani
Harris Gani

We manually signed up for 500 abandoned cart email and sms flows with new emails and Google voice numbers. 95% of the brands were pretty similar.

In terms of personalization, abandoned cart emails included an image of the product(s) in cart, but rarely communicated benefits, showed product demos, or added social proof to push the shopper to purchase.

SMS abandon cart flows are much less convincing. Most messages are along the lines of “We saved your cart. Complete your checkout at this link.”CTAs over both email & SMS redirect directly to cart or to PDP. Brands can at least provide more info in email copy, but longer SMS messages are expensive and can easily overburden shoppers.

We were surprised to find that 95% of e-commerce brands don't give any new or personalized content to a shopper in their abandon cart email/sms flows. 95% of brands redirect back to the cart or PDP as if seeing the same pages will magically make a shopper purchase the 2nd time.

While this may seem intuitive, it doesn’t actually make much sense. The majority of shoppers don’t buy because they aren’t convinced the product is worth it from what they’ve seen on site. Taking a shopper back to their cart or a PDP with no new content to persuade them...isn’t very persuasive.

Wouldn’t it be more impactful to showcase additional content such as video testimonials, product demos, social proof, before / afters, and other content shoppers haven’t already seen?

Our video landing pages provide a great way to level up this entire experience for your abandon cart flows.